Bubblegum smiles.


Under the glistening sun that many so loved, there stood a girl of about 18 years of age staring far into the horizon.

Different is she for she loves thinking out of the box and just merely ebing different. That girl I am. I enjoy travelling,

just doing the most random things ever known to mankind (don't get me started on my history), and I just love the company

of my friends and of course, my family. To me, there ain't nothing cool about hating your family or God.

1)Mission trip
2)Travel overseas and locally
3)Learn languages (Spanish and German)
4)Learn hairdressing
5)Volunteer in something to do with animals
6)Get a profesional camera
7)Be a pilot + cook
8)Cycle everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!
9)Retire in a cabin by the forest in Canada
10)Own houses on the hill, by the beach, by a lake, suburban, a penhouse in the heart of a city
11)Own a yatch/boat
12)Own an island/private beach (for tannign purposes if you know what I mean)
13)Live on the streets in poverty for about a month just to feel what it's like to be poor (only applicable overseas)
14)Open a huge branch of restaurants, perfume parlour(with Jac) and boutiques(with Nan)